Star Chamber (PRO STAC5/K12/32 Thos Kelton v Jn Aylemore)

1583 (1583)

document 18900057

(year date on back of document) Thos Kelton complainant of Earls Colne in Essex gentleman that whereas he together with one Jane Kelton his sister were lawfully possessed about michaelmas.23Eliz1 among divers other things in one parcel of meadow 16a called Kymborne in Earls Colne and of and in one parcel of pasture 12a called Dagonhall in Earls Colne for the term of certain years yet enduring and so being of the meadow and pasture possessed did quietly and peaceably hold enjoy and occupy the same amongst other things until such time as one Jn Aylemore of Earls Colne wrongfully entered into the meadow and pasture and the stead with certain cattle which he Jn put thereunto thereby dispossessing your subject and his sister it being known unto him he your said subject went thither in peaceable manner to recontinue his possession and to distrain the cattle damage fesannte and to impound the same as was lawful for him to do and so it is that Jn Aylemore hearing that your subject had come thither did in very riotous and disorderly manner on 20.6.1582 last (year assumed) did come into the parcel of meadow and pasture accompanied with divers lewd and riotous persons that is to say Jn Turner Roger Turner Rich Rynger Jn Bucke and Jn Robjhon and divers others to the number of twenty persons whose names are not as yet certainly known to your subject all of them or a greater number being armed and weaponed with pitchforks long pikes staves and daggers attempting to carry away the hay that grew upon the meadow and for that your subject in quiet manner forbade them so to do he Aylmore and the others beforenamed riotous persons with great force and violence assaulted your subject striking at him divers blows with their staves and forks and by violence and strong hand carried away all the hay that grew and was made upon the meadow continuing the carriage in that riotous and unlawful manner for divers and many days to the great breach of peace in tender consideration whereof and for that the riot outrage and misdemeanours aforesaid are contrary to the laws and statutes of the realm and to the great encouragement of all such like riotous and disordered persons if condign punishment be not administered for their misdemeanours may it please your majesty the premises considered to grant your subject writ of subpoena to be directed to Jn Aylemore Jn Turner Roger# Turner Rich Rynger Jn Bucke and Jn Robjhon commanding them to appear etc to answer