Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/105/12 Edw Sibthorpe of Braintree v: Xoph Sibthorpe Math Everard and wife Roger Harlakenden etc 1591-2)

27.11.34Eliz1 (Saturday 27 November 1591)

document 19600848

eighth did not Xoph Sibthorpe by virtue of the assignment after the complainant departed out of England make Wm Stammer bailiff of the hop ground and did not Xoph allow or promise to Wm Stammer the sum of 20marks yearly for the exercising of the office and to the end that Wm should truly pay the yearly rent to Roger Harlakenden and defray all other charges about the hop ground what was the sum so allowed or promised for the exercising of the office to your knowledge as you have heard