Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/105/12 Edw Sibthorpe of Braintree v: Xoph Sibthorpe Math Everard and wife Roger Harlakenden etc 1591-2)

17.1.34Eliz1 (Monday 17 January 1592)

document 19600978

Robt Reade of Earls Colne 60years about first he says he knows three of the parties and defendants and has done for the space of six or 7years and mr Everard and Xoph Sibthorpe two other of the defendants about 3years second says that he knows the hop ground mentioned in the interrogatory and so has done for the space of 40years or thereabouts and says it contains 8a in quantity and somewhat more being the same ground now in controversy between the parties third and fourth says that mr Harlakenden did make a lease of 5a of the hop ground to mr Edw Sibthorpe for 14years as he takes it and 1a thereof he mr Harlakenden demised to one Jn Parker for the like term which acre so demised to Jn Parker Edw Sibthorpe purchased of Jn and the other 2a he thinks were demised as waste ground lying enclosed about the planted ground and the complainant did quietly enjoy the hop ground accordingly and that there are about 7years yet to come in the lease as he takes it fifth says he has heard even as the article does import in all points and that by one Jn Parker and others who has revealed so much to him sundry times but to his own knowledge he cannot depose it sixth says he has credibly heard of one Jn Parker that the complainant did leave an overplus of poles after the assignment as in article mentioned and that he left the sum of 10li with Jn Parker towards the dressing and occupying of the ground but further he cannot depose seventh he knew Stammer mentioned in that article eighth ninth tenth he cannot depose eleventh says that Stammer did plant a parcel of the waste ground with hops but how much and at whose charge he cannot depose twelfth says that Stammer did tell him that he meant to let the lease of the hop ground fallen into the hands of mr Harlakenden and so to take it into his own name and for this reason as he said that he was money out of purse and to the rest he cannot depose thirteenth (torn) he knows not whether mr Xoph Sibthorpe was made acquainted with (torn) he has credibly heard that mr Harlakenden was made acquainted with (torn) fourteenth (torn) says that Stammer did take a lease in his own name (rest torn)