Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/105/12 Edw Sibthorpe of Braintree v: Xoph Sibthorpe Math Everard and wife Roger Harlakenden etc 1591-2)

17.1.34Eliz1 (Monday 17 January 1592)

document 19601307

answer of Robt Morgan gentleman aged 30years about sworn second says that the complainant has lived off her majesty's pay and entertainment in wars and never off the alms or devotion of Stammer and Mary his wife or off Everard neither did Stammer discharge any debt of Edw to Reade but as deputy to Xoph Sibthorpe who allowed it Stammer back again upon his account and so he Stammer did discharge a debt of Edw to Reade of 49li or thereabouts during his bailiwick to Xoph as he takes it twentyfifth says he has heard mr Xoph Sibthorpe say that in consideration of one annuity of 40li granted to him Xoph by Wm Stammer to be paid 40s a quarter he Xoph did grant and assign over to him all or part of the hop ground twentysixth says that Xoph and the complainant had not ordinary access unto widow Stammer in her widowhood but as occasion served them and he thinks that they have not embezzled any of the widow's writing nor that they were compacted together against the defendant thirtysecond says he thinks that the complainant commenced the suit only of mere right and not for any occasion mentioned in the interrogatory thirtyseventh says that to his remembrance he never knew or saw a general letter of attorney but has seen a particular letter of attorney made by the complainant to Xoph Sibthorpe his brother for the collecting up and paying certain of his debts and for releasing certain of his debtors but not for all his debts and creditors thirtyeighth and thirtyninth says that the letter to him showed forth directed from Xoph to Wm Stammer dated 25.4.1588 he verily believes was the handwriting of Xoph as like wise a release made by Xoph to Wm Stammer dated 31.12.30Eliz1 says the like of a release made by Xoph to Jn Parker dated 27.9.29Eliz1 and another release made by Xoph to Wm Stammer of all his right in the hop ground dated 13.1.30Eliz1 and also of the grant of an annuity from Wm Stammer to Xoph of 40s per annum for four years bearing date 13.1.30Eliz1 and cannot say more