Freehold Titles (ERO D/Q6/3/9 memo of surrender of Rich Sillito to Jn Cressener of Cox)

24.7.1710 (Monday 24 July 1710)

document 32500318

Earls Colne manor 24.7.1710 memorandum that upon the day month and year above written Rich Sillito a customary tenant of the said manor did by the rod surrender into the hands of the lord of the said manor by the hands of Isaac Potter instead of the lord's bailiff and in the presence of Jn Hatch and Jn Pratt two customary tenants of the said manor the same witnessing as the custom is all that his customary messuage or tenement called Cox situate lying and being in Earls Colne aforesaid with the yards gardens and appurtenances as the same is and now in the possession of the said Rich Sillito and Wm Bateman and the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders thereof and all the estate right title interest claim and demand whatsoever of him the said Rich Sillito of unto and out of the herein before surrendered premises or any part thereof to the only proper use and behoof of Jn Cressener esq of Earls Colne in the said county and of his heirs and assigns forever upon condition that if the said Rich Sillito his heirs executors or administrators or any of them do and shall well and truly pay or cause to be paid unto the above named Jn Cressener esq his executors administrators or assigns at his now dwelling house situate in Earls Colne abovesaid the full and just sum of 6li of good and lawful money of Great Brittaine with the interest on or upon the 24.7.1711 then the above written surrender to be void or else remain in full force mark Rich Sillito Jn Hatch Jn Pratt Isaac Potter in place of the bailiff