Freehold Titles (ERO D/DPr176 Thos Kelton to Roger Harlakenden interest in Colne Priory)

9.11.26Eliz1 (Monday 9 November 1584)

document 50800005

this deed made 9.11.26Eliz1 witnesseth that I Thos Kelton of Colne Essex gentleman have and by these presents do give grant assign and release unto Roger Harlakenden of the said Colne in the said county esq all my part right title interest and demand which I have may might or ought to have of in or to a certain lease or term of years of the site of the manor of Colne Priory commonly called Colne Priory or Colne House with all gardens orchards ponds fishings courts yards houses barns stables buildings and edifices thereto belonging together with all the tithe corn belonging to the parsonage of Earls Colne with divers lands meadows pastures feedings and demesne lands belonging to the said late Priory with their appurtenances which said lease or term was granted unto Rich Kelton my uncle deceased by the right honourable the earl of Oxford by a certain indenture bearing date 12.2.19Eliz1 to have and to hold the said my part right title interest and demand of in and to the said lease or term of years and to all and every thing contained in the said indenture of lease to the said Roger Harlakenden his executors and assigns forever in witness whereof I have sealed these presents with my seal given the day and year above written Thos Kelton sealed and delivered in the presence of Jeff Gates Nich Wentworth Nich Rande (on outside) mr Thos Kelton's release of his right in Colne Priory