Freehold Titles (ERO D/DPr158)

1.9.1584 (Tuesday 1 September 1584)

document 50900005

Elizabeth by the grace of god of England France and Ireland queen defender of the faith to all to whom these present letters may come greeting know that we by our special favour as for 6li13s4d payment secured to us by virtue of our letters patent we have granted and given licence as for our heirs and successors in so far as for us is by these presents may grant and give licence to his grace our kinsman in law Edw earl of Oxford that his manor of Earls Colne alias Colne Comitis with its appurtenances and one hundred messuages one hundred gardens one hundred orchards 300a land 100a meadow 200a pasture 200a woodland 100a open fields and heath and 80s rent with the appurtenances in Earls Colne alias Colne Comitis Whyte Colne Colne Wakes Colne Engaine Halstede Matteshalle alias Markeshalle Tey Magna Tey Parva and Fearyinge in the county of Essex which of us are held in chief and of the gift and seisin grant alienation or acknowledgement made or by recovery in court of law before the justices of the bench or otherwise elsewhere only wheresoever to the pleasure of him the earl by our beloved Roger Harlakenden esq to have and to hold to the same Roger and his heirs and assigns forever of our heirs and successors by services then owed and of right accustomed and the same Roger that the aforesaid manor messuages lands meadows pastures woods and rents and all the rest of all and singular the premises above expressed and specified with the appurtenances from the beforementioned earl to recover possession and to hold to him his heirs and assigns from our heirs and successors by the services aforesaid as is aforesaid forever to be held in the tenor of these presents we have given licence as for our heirs and successors aforesaid we give especial objection that either the aforesaid earl or his heirs or the aforementioned Roger or his heirs reversion of the premises by us our heirs or successors or by our justices escheators sheriffs bailiffs or any other officer or minister or of our said heirs or successors whosoever there should be pestered molested impeded vexed in anything or other nor of the same any of them should pester molest impede vex in somewhere else or other in witness whereof we have made these letters patent witness me myself at Westminster 1.9.26Eliz1 Bacon