Person Index - John Allen

Appears in the text as:
Saturday 29 September 1375Colne Priory Accounts44800217
Tuesday 6 April 1423Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls56000227
Earls Colne Estreats49200284
Tuesday 11 June 1549Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls64300058
Friday 14 July 1592Wills3100414
Wednesday 4 June 1606Court of Wards20000223
Tuesday 21 June 1614Freehold Titles32700159
Tuesday 7 September 1624Wills3700859
Friday 15 December 1624Archdeaconry Depositions800195 800221
April 1700Quarter Sessions Bundles21000005
Saturday 18 June 1715Wills5600860