Person Index - John Salmon

Appears in the text as:
Friday 1 November 1549Earls Colne Rental44100872
Thursday 2 April 1562Earls Colne Rental44200713 44200726
Friday 23 December 1584Earls Colne Rental44300151
Thursday 18 September 1589Earls Colne Rental44400665
Monday 5 March 1593Quarter Sessions: Licences of alehouses and victuallers21900768
Wednesday 6 February 1622Chancery Depositions16300402
Monday 25 February 1633Wills4001061
Wednesday 1 March 1682Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates9800930
Thursday 7 April 1687Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates9900419
Friday 15 July 1687Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates9900636
Thursday 2 February 1688Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates9900825
Wednesday 18 November 1691Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates10000405