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Person Index - Wm Potter

Appears in the text as:
Monday 8 June 1489Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls53500125
Monday 9 June 1500Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls59701512
Monday 31 May 1501Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls53500436
1507Colne Priory Rental43200762
Friday 26 December 1621Wills3800005
Thursday 12 June 1628Wills3900802
Sunday 4 March 1632Wills3901417
Tuesday 12 August 1679Freeholders22100019
Sunday 31 October 1680Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates9800077
Sunday 18 February 1770Baptism register 1756 to 181270301785
Saturday 26 December 1799Wills93000480
Monday 16 June 1800Wills93000535
Tuesday 26 September 1805Wills93000525
Saturday 1 February 1821Marriage register 1754 to 1853 - transcript by Major A.H.T. Smith70102455
Thursday 10 June 1841Earls Colne Census 184191500210
1854Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory80000460 80000805