Wills (ERO D/ACW11/123 Margt Parker 1631/2 1632)

4.3.1632 (Sunday 4 March 1632)

document 3901417

in the name of god amen I Margt Parker widow being sick in body yet in good remembrance I thank god for it I do this 4.3.1632 make my last will as in manner and form following first my body to the earth to be buried and my soul into the hands of god almighty secondly I give my goods to these here named first I give to the poor of Earls Colne 20s and to the poor of White Colne 10s item I give to Wm Bredges 4li to bury me in decent manner item I give to Robt Till's three children 40s item I give to Wm Potter a brass pot a kettle a pestle and mortar a little posnet and my best coverlet item I give to Jn Machin my featherbed which I lie and a pair of sheets and a pair of blankets and a pillow and a pillowbere and two feather bolsters and my hach# and my cow that is at Jn Kent item I give Margt Bredge daughter of Wm Bredge my other featherbed and my casting sheet and to Mary Bredge daughter of Wm Bredg only one bedstead item I give to Ann Rockes wife of Rich Rooks four yards and a quarter of cloth which Jn Kent shall make for her and also my cloth gown and my best hat to Ann Rockes item I give to Ellen Kent my clock item I give to Jane Potter my cupboard item I give to Ann Kent daughter of Jn Kent my stuff gown all the rest of my goods I give to my daughter Margt Till and ordain Margt Till my sole executrix to this my last will whereunto I have set my hand and seal Thos Machin mark Margt Bredg Jn Kent witnesses mark Margt Parker