Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

8.6.1724 (Monday 8 June 1724)

document 10702653

then took in the second month's accounts being the disbursements of Geo Wall the standing collection amounting to 3li17s the relief amounting to 12li8s8d1h 16li5s8d1h at the same time he brought in a bill by sale of goods of widow Pennock which amounted to and received by him 3li18s9d received more of Geo Clitter 4s received more of Jn Sadd 5s 4li7s9d with this deduction the disbursements for the above months stands thus 11li17s11d1h allowed by us Hen Adams Math Newman Sam Burton Ambr Stowers Jas Bullard Rich Fossett