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Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

16.3.1730 (Monday 16 March 1730)

document 10902019

Jarvis Willistone 2d Wm Sucklyn 1d Jos Brook 2d Ambr Wright 4d Thos Brackley 1d1h the house where Jn Walker lived 3d Sam Parmenter 2d Ben Crabbe 10d Edw Crabbe 1s Sam Smith surgeon 0s0d out leets Jos Abbott gentleman 1s Thos Little gentleman 1s6d Franc Green 6d Thos Grimwood 8d Thos Chitterfield 1d Wm Myall 7d Jn Smith 7d Robt Prentice 6d widow Mead 1s6d Hen Adams or Thos Moss 5d Thos Wash for Bridgeman's 1s2d 6li7s10d1h seen and allowed by us Rich Androwes Jn Wale