Overseers Accounts (ERO D/P209/12/1)

20.4.1747 (Monday 20 April 1747)

document 11602185

out pensioners 20.4.1747 20.4.1747 Robt Russels 2s 20.4.1747 Isaac Potter 2s extraordinaries the governor 7s7d1h mr Thos Smith's bill 8li1d Jn White's bill 10d Jn Finche's bill 7s5d Jeff Cook's bill 14s6d Jn Unwin's bill 3li2s3d Franc Martin's bill 14s8d Jarvis Williston's bill 6s6d Jos Bott's bill 2li8s8d Sam Christmas's bill 1li18s7d mr Tabor's bill 5li12s6d dr Smith's salary 2li7s3d Root's rent 1li10s mrs Abbot 1li5s Miller's bill 19s Brasier's bill 2li4s2d mrs Harrington's bill 1li15s Jos Cook's thirteen week salary 3li5s Jn Radley a bill 8s making and confirming the rate 5s for four butts of water 2s