Overseers Accounts (ERO D/P209/12/1)

20.3.1749 (Monday 20 March 1749)

document 11700924

20.3.1749 paid Plampin Wendon for meat for the workhouse for this half year 6li16s8d and to mrs Harenton for milk# 14s11d paid Dan London (may be Dan London) 2s5d paid for shirts and shifts making 5s9d to mr Bott a bill 1li10s9d to mr Geo Livermore a bill 8li14s10d1f to mr Jn Leaper a bill 1li16s to Jn Sankster for wool cards 18s to Francis Martin a bill 9s6d3f to Jn Bullard a bill 3s6d to Jn Finch a bill for shaving 7s1d to Jn Brasier a bill 2li9s11d to Rich Pratt a bill 1s to Rich Ruffle a bill for grinding 1li16s to mr Cole a bill for coals 5li14s to mr Sewell a bill for white pease 2li5s to Jn Unwin a bill 6s to dr Smith his half year salary 2li7s3d to mr Harrington half years rent 1li10s to Sam Cook for thirteen weeks salary due lady day 1749 3li5s to the same a bill of sundry things 5s6d1h to Plampin Wendon a bill of fresh meat for governor in mr Johnson's time 10s to quarterage and bridge money 1li17s6d to mr Johnson for wheat delivered at the workhouse 15s to mr Johnson for a warrant of distress to get mrs Gibsons money of Sam Halls 2s6d 69li10s1d