Overseers Accounts (ERO D/P209/12/1)

27.9.1750 (Thursday 27 September 1750)

document 11702139

twenty fourth week workhouse 27.9.1750 27.9.1750 to Chas Androws beef 16lb 3s8d to a cheek 1s 27.9.1750 to Math Howland esq for half a years rent 1li10s 27.9.1750 to mr Thos Smith's bill 5li11s9d 27.9.1750 to Jn White a bill 1li6d 27.9.1750 to Rich Gurney for bran 1li7s 27.9.1750 to Dan London (may be Dan London) a bill 4s7d 27.9.1750 to Jeff Cook a bill 6s 27.9.1750 to Rich Ruffle for grinding 1li6s 27.9.1750 to mrs Brewister for making linen 2s8d 27.9.1750 to mrs Collins for cloth etc 4s 27.9.1750 to Jn Bullard for bran 2s4d 27.9.1750 to Jn Williamson a bill 3li 27.9.1750 to Jas Pudney# a bill 9s 27.9.1750 to Jn Brazier a bill 18s7d 27.9.1750 to Jos Bott a bill 2li8s1h 27.9.1750 to mr Harrington a bill 2li16s11d 27.9.1750 to Jn Unwin a bill 1li4d 44li9s8d brought over 44li9s8d 27.9.1750 to Jn Finch a bill 4s1d 27.9.1750 to blind Patt for a travelling woman 8d 27.9.1750 to mr Jn Leaper's own bill 8li4s10d 27.9.1750 to dr Smith his half years salary 2li7s3d 27.9.1750 to mr Wm Smith governor for 10wk salary due michaelmas. day 2li10s 27.9.1750 to Wm Boosbey's wife's nurse for ten weeks 1li10s 17.9.1750 to Rich Chaplin half years salary from ladyday.1750 to michaelmas. following 29.9.1750 12s 59li18s6d to expenses at the rate making 5s to further expenses upon particular business 2s6d to widow Hull's bill 3s5d to mr Smith governor a bill of sundry things 15s7d1h to mrs Smith a bill for water carting 5s to Hen May bill for beans# 3s10d to Jas Rayner for a horses journey to Halstead 1s to Rich Chaplin a bill for looking after the clock due michaelmas. 2li14s 64li8s10d1h to mr Vaughn a bill for Jeffery 2li2s 66li10s10d1h