Apprenticeship Indentures (ERO DP/209/14/1 - these are paraphrases from rough transcripts)

17.9.1681 (Saturday 17 September 1681)

document 11800005

this indenture made 17.9.1681 witnesseth that Hen Morley and Jn Ellis churchwardens of Earls Colne and Jn Bewsey and Thos Wright overseers with the consent of justices of the peace of the town of Colchester have put and placed and by these presents do put and place Wm Clerk (may be Wm Clerk) aged 14yrs a poor child of the said parish apprentice to Jn Lawrence of Colchester weaver with him to dwell from the date of these presents until the his full age of twenty four years during which time he will serve his master faithfully etc and the said Jn Lawrence for himself and his executors and administrators doth covenant and grant with the said churchwardens and overseers etc that he shall cause the apprentice to be instructed in the art or trade of a weaver and shall lodge and feed him during the term and so provide for the apprentice that he be no way a charge on the parish etc and at the end of the term he shall provide the apprentice with double apparel of all sorts that is a good new suit for the holidays and another for working days and 5s in money in witness whereof the parties have put their hands and seals etc Jn Lawrance sealed and delivered in the presence of Thos Hunt mark Hen Morley mark Jn Ellis Wm Mott justices of the peace illegible text (note pinned to the indenture) 17.9.1681 received of Jn Boosey and Thos Wright overseers of the parish of Earls Colne the full sum of 5li10s with Wm Clarke (may be Wm Clarke) of the same parish which is to serve him as an apprentice ten years 5li10s I say received by me Jn Lawrance