Apprenticeship Indentures (ERO DP/209/14/1)

10.2.1696 (Monday 10 February 1696)

document 11800299

this indenture made 10.2.1696 witnesseth that Sam Finch and Jn Pratt churchwardens and Jn Sparrow and Andrew Conye overseers of the poor of Earls Colne as also by the consent of Jn Eldred esq and Wm Eldred esq two justices of the peace have by these presents placed and bound Thos Bellshame being a poor fatherless and motherless child as by and with the consent of the said Thos as an apprentice to and with Andrew Conye of Earls Colne miller the art science or trade he now useth to be taught and as and apprentice with him the said Andrew Conye to dwell and serve from this day until the said Thos shall come to the age of twenty four years etc during which time the said Thos shall serve his master well and faithfully etc in all such business as the said Thos shall be put unto according to his power wit and ability his commandments lawful and honest every where he shall gladly do hurt to his master he shall not do or suffer to be done but shall hinder the same or else admonish his said master thereof the goods of his said master he shall not inordinately waste nor them to anybody lend without his masters licence at any unlawful game he shall not play alehouses he shall not frequent from the service of his said master day nor night he shall not absent nor prolong himself without his masters leave and good liking but in all things as a good and faithful apprentice shall honestly and obediently behave himself towards his master his wife and children and orderly and honestly toward the rest of the family of him the said Andrew Conye and the said Andrew Conye doth for his part promise the churchwardens and overseers and their successors to keep the apprentice in meat drink washing and lodging apparel both woollen and linen hose shoes and all things needful and convenient for an apprentice to have in witness whereof the said parties have interchangeably set their hands and seals after the paper was stamped according to the statute with the 6d stamp etc Sam Finch Jn Pratt Jn Sparrow mark Andrew Conye Jn Eldred Wm Eldred justices of the peace witnesses Sam Burton mark Edw Warron