Apprenticeship Indentures (ERO D/P36/14/1)

13.3.1731 (Saturday 13 March 1731)

document 11802861

this indenture made the 13.3.1731 witnesseth that Jn Hatch and Ambrose Towers churchwardens of Earls Colne and Joseph Bott and Jn Cook overseers with the consent of justices of the peace whose names are hereunto subscribed have put and placed Jn Shepherd a poor child of the parish apprentice to Jos Page of Coggeshall in the said county bayweaver with him to dwell and serve from the date of these presents until he is twenty four years aged now 17years according to the statute etc during which time to serve his master faithfully etc and Joseph Gage for himself covenants to teach Jn Shepherd the art of bayweaving and will lodge him etc and at the end of the term will supply him with double apparel of all sorts in witness whereof the par ties abovesaid have set their hands and seals mark Jn Shepherd Jn Hatch mark Ambrose Towers Jos Bott Wm Eglon Sam Burton justices of the peace H Summers Robt Tweed