Wills (PROB11/127 Robt Church DD 1615 1615/16)

29.11.1615 (Wednesday 29 November 1615)

document 3600220

in the name of god amen the 29.11.1615 etc. I Robt Church of Earls Colne in the county of Essex doctor of divinity being in health perfect in mind and of good remembrance thanks be unto almighty god do ordain and make this my last will and testament in manner and form following first I bequeath my soul unto almighty god by whose mercy through the merit of my saviour and redeemer jesus christ and his precious bloodshedding for me and all the faithful by steadfast faith I assuredly believe and my only trust is my sins are remitted and I am saved and made one of the number of his elect and my body to be buried in the church of Earls Colne aforesaid or otherwise where as god shall please to appoint and according to the discretion of mine executor item I give and bequeath to the reparations of the parish church of Earls Colne aforesaid 6s8d to be disposed by the churchwardens upon the needful reparations of the said church item I give and bequeath unto my son Barth Churche all my freehold tenements and lands within the parish of Earls Colne aforesaid that is to say all that my freehold tenement and garden called Scriveners with the appurtenances wherein Jn Betts now dwelleth and those my two parcels of freehold meadow or marsh ground called Spriggs Marsh with appurtenances and also all that my parcel of freehold meadow ground called Fabians Meadow lying at Stonebridge with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging to have and to hold all those foresaid freehold tenements and lands to him and his heirs and assigns forever item I give and bequeath unto my said son Barth Churche all my copyhold tenements and lands with their appurtenances within the said parish of Earls Colne holden of the manor of the earldom that is to say the orchard called Sprigg Garden having a pond adjoining unto my foresaid free garden and tenement called Scrivenors and one croft of land sometime parcel of Barchroft containing 1a or more adjoining to the said Sprigg Garden and pond also one close containing 4a3r sometime another parcel of Barchrofte butting upon one croft of land called Stulpe Croft adjoining to the foresaid freehold Spriggs Marsh to have and to hold all these copyhold parcels to him and his heirs forever further also all my copyhold tenements and lands holden in the manor of the Priory in the said parish of Earls Colne that is to say one tenement called Clarkes with all the copy lands and appurtenances thereunto belonging and 2r of freehold now in farm and in the use of Rich Kempe and one other tenement with the orchard and appurtenances called Bartons now in the use of Jn Sawyn also one croft of land called Cates Croft with the appurtenances now in the use of the said Rich Kempe only from year to year the trees and wood excepted to him his heirs and assigns forever and if my son Barth Churche shall depart this world before he cometh to his age of 21yr then my will is and I bequeath all the foresaid tenements and lands formerly both free and copy bequeathed in this sort to be divided between my two daughters that is to say unto Mary Churche all the foresaid several copyhold lands and tenements holden of the manor of the Priory called Clarkes with the 2r of freehold tenement called Bartons and Cates Croft with all their singular appurtenances to her her heirs and assigns forever and unto Rosamund my daughter all the former several copyhold tenements and lands with their appurtenances holden of the manor of the earldom called Spriggs Garden one croft parcel of Barchroft and one close another parcel of Barchroft and one croft called Stulpe Croft and further also to Rosamund my daughter all the formerly named freehold house tenements and lands with their appurtenances called by the name of Scriveners Spriggs Marsh and Fabians Meadow all these last both copy and free to remain and be to her her heirs and assigns forever provided always notwithstanding my former gift and bequest my will is and I bequeath to Rose my wife that she shall have her free quiet and peaceable dwelling in my foresaid freehold tenement called Scriveners with the garden and appurtenances to have hold occupy and enjoy the same together with the foresaid orchard called Spriggs Garden and croft of land containing 1a she or her assigns freely to her own proper use benefit and commodity during her life natural only so that she the said Rose my wife do discharge and pay the lord's rent and task when any shall be due for the same tenement orchard and croft and keep the said tenement with the appurtenances in sufficient reparations in tiling daubing and thatching and the said orchard and croft in sufficient hedging and fencing and without doing any waste upon the trees and woods growing upon the same and so that also she have not nor make any claim of any third out of my other freehold lands formerly given and bequeathed item I give and bequeath unto Rose Churche my wife and to my two daughters Mary and Rosamund Churche all the sums of money which their grandfather my said wife's father mr Geo Cowper with and standeth bound to pay unto me my executors and assigns by certain several obligations equally to be parted and divided between them my two daughters parts to be paid unto them at their several full age of 21yr or days of marriage which first happeneth and if either of them depart this world before the said years of age or days of marriage then the other surviving together with my son Barth to have her part divided between them and I will that my executor hereafter named shall take such order with the said mr Geo Cowper that Rose my wife's part shall be satisfied contented and paid unto her within one year after my decease and my two daughters their several parts in this sort that is my daughter Mary her part within two years and my daughter Rosamund her part within four years after my decease by their said grandfather satisfied contented and paid with the yearly uses and benefit thereof unto my executor and then he to pay their said parts unto them at their several ages and days of marriage before expressed and further to bestow the said former and after uses and benefit thereof arising so long as their parts are in his hands to the maintenance and bringing up of my said two daughters under my said wife Rose their mother and paying the foresaid uses and benefit yearly into her hands to for their said maintenance and bringing up item I will that mine executor hereafter named shall receive and take after my decease all the rents and profits arising and growing of and from all and all manner of my lands and tenements formerly given and bequeathed to my son Barth Churche except of those before provided willed and given unto my foresaid wife Rose and shall pay out of the said rents and profits for the maintenance and bringing up of my said son Barth 20li by the year until he shall accomplish the age of 18yr and after the said years accomplished that then my executor shall pay all the rents and profits whatsoever yearly arising from the lands and tenements aforesaid for the further maintenance and bringing up of my said son Barth until his full age of 21yr and then the overplus of the rents and profits formerly received by my executor to be accounted and paid unto my said son at the end and term of his said age of 21yr provided always and my wills is that my executor shall let Rose my wife have the free use occupying and pasturage of my croft of land bought of Robt Knighte containing 4a3r for the behoof and further better maintenance especially of my son Barth my two daughters and herself until he come to his full age of 18yr the lord's rent being discharged thereout by her item I give and bequeath unto Rose Churche my said wife one feather bed one bolster one coverlet one blanket two pillows one trunk chest one box covered with leather and one square box of joiners work twelve plates one brass pot one little pewter basin and one unte# with such linen and other things of what nature soever they be of her own brought with her and as she had of her parents and friends and with two black cows also heretofore given to her of her father the which I give unto her item I give unto her my said wife one bedstead with carved posts she lieth on with the mat and cords and one blanket one small pair of virginals in my study and all the fuel serving for firewood and the hay straw corn fruit butter and cheese necessary for the provision of my house remaining therein at my decease further also I give unto her two pairs of flaxen sheets and three pair of hemp sheets now used in my house three pillowberes of hamborowe and one of broadcloth and further one little cheese press one cheese bread with three cheese fat and milk pans now used in the milk house and one butter churn and one spinning wheel item the residue of all other my movable goods chattels household stuff bedding pewter brass plate gold or silver money debts owing unto me whatsoever unbequeathed and not formerly given in this my present will I do give and bequeath them wholly unto my foresaid son Barth Churche item I do ordain constitute and make mine executor mr Barth Churche my cousin nephew my elder brother's son to see my body decently buried and my debts if I owe any to be paid and this my will and testament to be fulfilled according to my especial trust reposed in him unto whom as unto my dear kinsman and for his pains to be taken about the performance of this my will I have given before the making and ensealing hereof the value of the sum of 40li lawful money in to witness whereof this my present last will and testament I the said Robt Church have hereunto set my seal and subscribed my name the day and year first above written viz the 29.11.1615 etc in the presence of these witnesses per me Robt Churche Jn Churche Edw Cressener Sam Brewer Jn Churche Robt Cobbe