Wills (ERO D/ACW12/160 Hen Abbot 1625)

6.11.1625 (Sunday 6 November 1625)

document 3801601

in the name of god amen the 6.11.1625 etc. I Hen Abbot of Earls Colne in the county of Essex yeoman being in good and perfect remembrance thanks be given unto almighty god therefore I do make ordain and declare this my present last will and testament in manner and form following first I commend my soul into the hands of almighty god my creator with an assured faith and confident hope of eternal salvation and blessedness amongst all the elect and saints of god through the only merit and passion of jesus christ my only saviour and redeemer and my body to be buried in christian sepulchre in certain hope of the resurrection of the same unto everlasting life and for the disposing of that portion of worldly goods wherewith it hath pleased god in his great love and favour to endue my first I give and bequeath unto Robt my son and to his heirs and assigns forever all that my customary tenement situated and being in Church Street in Earls Colne aforesaid with a garden plot and two crofts of land thereunto belonging containing by estimation 3a be it more or less with all and singular their appurtenances as they are now in the tenure and occupation of Hen Abbot my son in Earls Colne aforesaid provided always and upon consideration that my son Robt his heirs or assigns shall pay or cause to be paid unto Thomasine my beloved wife one annuity or yearly rent of 4li of good and lawful english money so long as she shall remain a widow and no longer item I give and bequeath unto Grace my daughter the sum of 100li of good lawful money of England to be paid unto her within six months next after my decease item I give and bequeath unto Francis Wright my brother in law 5s of lawful english money and to Grace my sister his wife 10s of like lawful money to be paid unto them within one month next after my decease all the residue of my movable goods and chattels debts bonds bills and specialties sums of money and other personal rights whatsoever and howsoever due or owing unto me not given or bequeathed in and by this my present last will and testament my debts that I owe being paid and my funeral discharged I wholly give unto Thomasine my beloved wife and to my two sons Hen and Robt whom I make and ordain my true and lawful executors to see this my present last will and testament truly and faithfully performed according to my true meaning and my trust reposed in them in witness whereof I do hereby utterly renounce and revoke all former wills made and declared by me whatsoever and have hereunto put to my hand and seal the day and year first above written in the presence of these witnesses Robt Crow Dan Lea Wm Adams Hen Abbatt