Wills (ERO D/ACW20/273 D/ACR10/244 Jn Garrett 1688 1688)

20.4.1688 (Friday 20 April 1688)

document 5000539

a codicil to be INSERTED to the last will and testament of me Jn Garrett and illegible text make to be part and annexed to this my will item I give and bequeath unto Abrm Christmas the younger and Jn Garrett son of my brother Wm Garrett all my goods chattels household stuff and implements of household stuff whatsoever bills bands monies and securities for monies which I now have or which I may have or be possessed at the time of my death item I give unto Adam Garrett my kinsman 1s of lawful money of England to be paid unto him within one month next after my decease and also all my wearing apparel and I do nominate and appoint the said Abrm Christmas and Jn Garrett son of my brother Wm Garrett executors whom I do order to pay my debts out of my personal estate to them given to all such person or persons to whom at the time of my death I shall be any ways indebted and so far as the same will amount unto in witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal this 20.4.1688 signed sealed published and declared in the presence of us G Toller Humph Ruggels Edw Osborne J Garrett