Wills (ERO D/ACW24/213 Thos Baker yeoman of White Colne 1716)

12.3.1716 (Monday 12 March 1716)

document 5700181

this within written paper is to certify that in the last will and testament of Thos Baker dated the 12.3.1716 he nominated and appointed Thos Tiffen and Hen Adams both of the parish of Earls Colne to be his executors thereunto and the said Thos Baker had given unto each of them 50s for their trouble they not willing to accept the office the said Thos Baker in time of his life hath appointed two other executors viz Thos Walford of the parish of Halstead and Mary Baker his daughter to be executors to his last will and doth give unto the said Thos Walford the sum of 5li which was given in his will to the other two executors to act as a faithful executor in the behalf of his daughter and himself and do promise him reasonable satisfaction further for his trouble if need require in the presence of mark Joseph Ruggles Isaac Potter Wm Quinney mark Thos Baker