Wills (ERO D/ACW24/213 Thos Baker yeoman of White Colne 1716)

12.3.1716 (Monday 12 March 1716)

document 5700005

in the name of god amen I Thos Baker of White Colne in the county of Essex yeoman being sick and weak in body but thanks be to god in my perfect mind and memory and knowing the certainty of death but not the time when for it is appointed for all men once to die and my desire is to set my house in order before my departure hence where I shall be no more seen I do therefore make this present writing and declare it to be my last will and testament in manner following imprimis I give and bequeath my soul into the hands of almighty god my creator trusting in the merits of jesus christ for salvation who is my only saviour and redeemer item I give and bequeath my body to the dust from whence it was formed decently to be buried at the discretion of my executors as under mentioned item I give and bequeath unto Mary my loving wife all my houses and lands freehold and copyhold with appurtenances thereunto belonging after my decease viz two tenements freehold at Halstead now in possession of my father and widow How also two tenements copyhold at Burtons Green in possession of Wm Ward and Robt Browne one house and croft at East Bergholt and likewise one copyhold tenement at Much Tey in possession of one Green during the term of her natural life she keeping them in tenantable repair else to be taken from her and if she should marry my will is that she should have but 1s and all my estate free and copyhold shall go from her to the use of Mary my daughter if she be then living but if the said Mary my daughter should die having no issue after her decease I give and bequeath all stock and store to my brother Wm Baker and his heirs of the Baker's forever item I give all my stock outward and inward immediately after my decease to be sold excepting some household goods as a bed and furniture belonging and chairs and other household goods for the furnishing one room reserving them for the use of Mary my wife and also the clock not to be sold but kept for the use of my daughter till she comes to the age of 20yr but if she dies before she comes to the age of 20yr I give the said clock to my brother Wm Baker that it may remain in the hands of the Bakers and his heirs and what money doth arise of the stock outward and inward my desire is should be put out for the use of my daughter until she comes to the age of 20yr and then she shall have power to take it into her own hands and dispose thereof as her own and the meanwhile Mary my wife shall take the use thereof towards the maintenance of my daughter and if my executors cannot get a good tenant for the house at Bergholt that they shall have power to sell it if they can find a chapman according to their liking and put out the money thereof for the use of my daughter aforesaid item I give some of my wearing clothes as my great coat and waistcoat and a shirt and one pair of ramskin breeches to my father Baker and my best suit and buckskin breeches and all other wearing apparel to my brother Wm Baker item I give and bequeath unto Thos Tiffen and Hen Adams jun of Earls Colne whom I nominate and appoint executors to this my last will and testament the sum of 50s to each of them for their trouble not doubting but they will take care that this my will be fulfilled and that the half of the movable goods of Jas Savil's after his and his wife's decease being contracted upon marriage of his daughter should be for the use of my wife and her daughter and also that my executors will take in all debts due and pay debts owing and the overplus money put out for the use of my daughter as before mentioned so setting by all other writings I make this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have set my hand and seal and with the consent of my wife who have subscribed hereunto this 12.3.1716 sealed signed and declared to be the last will of the testator he signing it in the presence of us and we in the presence of him Thos Woffed Mary Baker his daughter Wm Peartree (may be Wm Peartree) Wm Quinney Isaac Potter T B Thos Baker mark Mary Baker