Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000045

Zach Coe 9.6.1853 surrender of Thos Baker brother and guardian of Jn Baker a lunatic, lately deceased

copyhold of Earldom - quitrent apportioned 7d - to a small piece of ground with a pond - parcel of Spriggs Garden formerly parcel of Bearcroft lying on the back of his Freehold messuage called Gilberts Fine£.1s.

Free deed of the Earldom - rent 1s3d - acknowledged tenure of a messuage etc. holden by free deed and the annual rent of 1s3d called Gilberts

Title to parcel of the rood of Bearcroft called Spriggs Garden 1673 Dorcas London on surrender of Jn Pigg to Spriggs Garden and a pond and a little parcel of Bearcroft (note: I do not find any admission of Jn Pigg in the rolls. He was brother of Bridget Mathews and possibly surrendered as her executor to Dorcas London Jn Pigg 1673 I find that he was admitted to copyholds in the Priory manor 1672 on death of Bridget Mathews wid)

1677 Dorothy Nightingale

1701 Thos Nightingale

1701 Wm Chapman

1717 (Wm Chapman) Jn Wilcocke

1726 Jn Wilcock

1728 Wm Harvey

1766 Jn Cock

1811 Mary Baker (was daughter of Jn Cock )

1853 Thos Baker on death of brother Jn - admitted before he could surrender to Coe and Wash

Survey 1598 Fo. 22 Robt Churche Geo Potter

Abstract of titles p. 193

No. 22 (22) 23 (23) and 24 (24) together 2r9p in the Commutation map

sketch plan

I have mapped these premises, which belong to the late Jn Baker altogether - they are most inaccurately laid down in the Commutation map of the tenements. They were sold by auction 1853 by Thos Baker of Lexden as guardian to his brother Jn who died lately a lunatic. Thos was obliged to be previously admitted before the title could be made good. Zach Coe purchased the premises called Gilberts holden by free deed of the Earldom and annual rent of 1s3d - and a small garden behind of Earls Colne manor quitrent (then apportioned) 7d. This garden called " Spriggs Garden with a pond " was a small portion of " a rood of ground parcel of Bearcroft " surrendered about 250 years ago to the then proprietor of Squires

( 1666 Xoph Matthews on surrender of Wm Harlakenden to a rood of ground with a pond called Spriggs Garden parcel of Bearcroft ) Phil Wash purchased Squires holden by free deed of the Earldom and annual rent of 1s1d - and the residue (by far the larger portion) of the rood of Bearcroft Copyhold of Earldom in which the quitrent was apportioned 1s4d - see Phil Wash's admission etc. under W. Since his purchase he has made extensive carpenter's buildings on the copyhold portion