Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000050

Free deed of the Earldom, rent 1s. Colne Vicarage The incumbent of, now the rev Robt Watkinson Free tenure has not been acknowledged on the rolls and no mention of it in the old Terrier except in the map of tenements (see Terrier 1598 Fo. 142 Jn Person 14p. copyhold of Priory. House pulled down and added to vicarage garden - query when?)

sketch plan of old and new glebe

By Act 55Geo3 Ch.147 (ammended by subsequent acts) when this exchange was effected - the new glebe which was copyhold and paid a quitrent of 5s per annum was exonerated and became free - and the old glebe became copyhold and liable to the quitrent of 5s. per annum which mr Johnson continued to pay until he sold his property to Wm P. Honywood esq in 1853 - when mr Honywood was admitted to the old glebe as copyhold and pays the quitrent of 5s. under the Act - see under letter H further on p. 96.

Title to 463 (463) (463a) (463b) new glebe 1740 Sam Smith

1754 Mary Smith his wife

1775 Jn Durrant

1776 Robt Thornback

1818 Jn Walker purchase of Jn Brazier will of Robt Thornback

1841 Rich Oliver Johnson who exchanged it for the old glebe 7.10.1841

sketch plan

Vicarage house No. 67 (67) Commutation map - 2r20p

Vicarage glebe mr Rich Oliver Johnson having become the purchaser (under certain stipulations) of a copyhold field belonging to Jn Walker esq lying at the back of, and adjoining to, the vicarage garden containing 4a1r3p and marked no. 463 (463) (463a) (463b) in the Commutation map and on which the tithe was commuted at £2.10s. ie. £1.17.6 great and 12s6d small tithe. Mr Johnson was desirous of exchanging this field for the vicarial glebe land lying near his then mansion called The Hayhouse - containing 1a35p No. 413 (413) in Commutation map. This exchange was legally effected with the consent of the patron ( H.H. Carwardine ) , the bishop, and the incumbent vicar (the rev Robt Watkinson ) was put into possession of the new glebe at mich.1841 . The Commutation on the old glebe, together with the Vicarage garden was 15s. On the exchange the vicar and mr Johnson agreed to affix 7s6d on the old glebe taken by mr Johnson 1a35p and 7s6d on the Vicarage premises 2r20p