Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000320

Lands, copyhold or holden by free deed, late the property of mr Rich Oliver Johnson as made out for the respective manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory for assessment of fines on admission of W.P. Honywood esq 3.11.1852

Copyhold of Earldom

page 84 Hayhouse with parcel of meadow - Sladeland and 1a in Longland - 44a

page 84 the Wickhouse tenements - 1r7p

page 84 - Cogges (properly Curds) Grove , Curds Land and meadow, Barmansfield Rounses and Pells Land - 50a1r

page 86 - Heathfield - Stonyland and Brookhouse Meadow - 20a

page 92 - Pettit or Petcrofts - 4a

page 92 - Husses called 4a in the rolls but shown on map to be 6a2r26p and two parcels of meadow near Colne Park - Common Meadow - 8a2r26p

page 94 - Chewneys and Parkfield - 21a

page 94 - Goldsgates - 18a3r18p

page 96 - Shepherd Cottage - 30p

page 96 - Old Vicarage Glebe - 1a35p

subtotal 168a1r36p

Holden by free deed

page 86 - 1r of land near The Hayhouse - 1r

page 90 - Readings and Stoneards Garden - 2a3r7p

subtotal 171a2r3p

The portion of Ringers Mead 2.5a attached to Newhouse land is mixed with other land in the Commutation map of 1836 and stands no. 544 (544) (544a) (543a) called Newhouse Meadow - 9a21p

Copyhold of Priory

page 86 - Sandhills - 20a

page 86 - Wrongs - Coggs Grove and Little Priestlands - 12a

page 90 - Treadgold Fen and two parcels of meadow - 7a3r

page 90 another parcel of Tredgold Fen (now called Harveys ) - 7a

page 92 - Perrys alias Cocks Croft and parcel of Sedcopps - 4a2r24p

page 94 - Little Broadfield - 12a

Copyhold of the Priory - 63a1r24p

Copyhold of the Earldom - 168a1r36p

By free deed of the Earldom - 3a7p

total - 234a3r27p

This with the residue of Park Gate alias Ringers Mead now called Newhouse Meadow which old Oliver Johnson purchased with Newhouse Farm of Henrietta Letch then wife of P.B. Scale but to which he does not appear to have been admitted - will make the quantity of copyhold confirm pretty accurately with that given in mr Johnson's particulars of sale 1850 - The portion of Parks Gate alias Ringers in possession of Johnson is 2a2r

total 237a1r27p

In particulars of sale 1850

Lot 1 admits copyhold - 210a3r18p

Lot 2 admits copyhold - 14a32p

Lot 3 admits copyhold 11a1r20p

total of copyhold as admitted by the vendor - 236a1r30p