Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

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Free deed of the Earldom - rent 1s3d Wm Phil Honywood 3.11.1852 as then purchased of Rich Oliver Johnson to 1r of land near the Hayhouse - holden by free deed of the Earldom and annual rent of 1s3d which has been regularly paid, but the free tenure was not acknowledged on the rolls

" a rood of land near the Hayhouse " - There is much obscurity as to this tenure. It is part of a field lying close to the Hayhouse mansion (now forming part of the walled garden there on the west) The whole field as mapped in the old Terrier Fo. 36 containing 1a3r21p which is all called copyhold of the Priory manor - evidently a mistake as to the manor according to the rolls - I give here the form of the field as it was in 1598

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I believe " the rood " parcel of this field is copyhold of the Earldom and the residue holden by free deed. I trace the title to " the rood near the Hayhouse " as follows

1592 Wm Adams on the surrender of Hen Smithe to 1r of land lying between the Hayhouse and the Park Gate

1626 Wm Adams death of father

1647 Wm Adams death of father

1689 Wm Adams death of father

1702 Hen Adams and Jane by will of brother Wm

This is the last admission which I find on the rolls - but at a court holden 25.4.1718 the homage present " that - Hen Adams sold to Hen Abbutt two crofts of land adjoining to the Hayhouse containing 2a more or less but whether the same or any part thereof be copyhold, holden of this manor (ie. the Earldom) they know not - but if the same be copyhold, is forfeited, no surrender being made thereof according to the custom - to their knowledge "

The rent of 1s3d has been regularly paid as a free rent to this time - and after the lapse of 150 years, it would be fruitless now to disturb it (note below: In the rent roll of 1751 it is mentioned that Poulter's heirs hold by copy - and free deed - " Land and a malting thereon built, formerly Adams after Abbutt's - at the west end of the Hayhouse Orchard, and adjoining to the road leading to Colne Park " - rent 1s3d) The foregoing entries from page 84 include all the old Hayhouse and Curds property so long in possession of the Johnson family - from 1637 to 1852 - more than two centuries ( (431a) (432) )