Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000630

Copyhold of Earldom - quitrent 5s

Jn Dixon Piper 7.2.1833 surrender of assignees of Jn Arnold Martin to all that croft of land with a barn thereon called Jaakes otherwise Mulberry Croft containing 1.5a held by the annual rent of 5s

Purchased by W.H. Solly and enfranchised 1862

1744 Wm Page

1764 Jn Page death of brother Wm

1781 Jeremiah Mayhew surrender of Jn Page

1788 Mary Mayhew for life remainder to Jas Underwood

1799 Jas Underwood death of Mary Mayhew

1810 Jn Kirkham surrender J. Underwood

1830 Robt Levett and Wm Impey executors of Jn Kirkham

1831 Jn Arnold Martin surrender of executors of Jn Kirkham

1833 purchase fine £20