Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000635

Copyhold of Earldom - quitrent 7d

Sarah Patten wife of Mark 31.7.1844 death of her father Wm Bridge all that messuage and curtilage adjoining called Greens Tenement - parcel of a tenement called Jaakes or Mulberry Croft

1744 Wm Page

1764 Jn Page death of brother Wm

1767 Francis Halliday surrender of Jn Page

1793 Wm Bridge surrender of F. Halliday

1844 death fine £22.1s

Commutation map 1836 no. 105 (105) (105a) 106 (106) 107 (107) (107a) and 124 (124)

no. 107 (107) containing 1r and a good house, divided into two residences and occupied by Wm Eve esq and the rev Jn Clarryvince is freehold (a garden and some outbuildings have been taken from the north end of Mulberry Croft and attached to the free tenement occupied by mr Clarryvince )

no. 106 (106) and 124 (124) comprise the copyhold described in the rolls, to which J.D. Piper was admitted in 1833 - the site of the barn has been converted into three tenements - two of which being thrown into one form the school room - for the Earls Colne Free Grammar School of which mr Clarryvince is the present master - no. 124 (124) the pasture called in the rolls 1.5a - by the map only 1a7p

no. 105 (105) (105a) is the tenement called Greens Tenement - to which Sarah Patten was admitted 1844 - part of the garden is taken from Jaakes or Mulberry Croft - and I have therefore given one sketch of the whole

sketch plan

107 (107) (107a) a. the freehold

106 (106) b. the school room and yard, c. the third tenement and garden

105 (105a) d. garden attached to Greens Tenement taken from Jaakes or Mulberry Croft , (105) e. Greens Tenement and curtilage

124 (124) f.f. Jaakes or Mulberry Croft - parcel of no. 106 (106)

The property to which Sarah Patten is admitted was formerly, and should now be described as a messuage and curtilage adjoining called Greens and a garden parcel of a tenement called Jaakes or Mulberry Croft - I found by the rolls that this garden parcel of Jaakes was surrendered 2Eliz1 by Hen Polein to his son Hen Polein

The messuage is now in four tenements

abstract of title p. 73-77 and 203

survey 1598 fo.     in the old terrier Greens Tenement is called Campyons being then (once) in the possession of Jn Campyon 1598 fo. 64