Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000650

Copyhold of Priory - apportioned quitrent 4d

Lydia Porter ( Tricker ) 9.3.1841 will of her father Jn Tricker - to several tenements on Colnford Hill being parcel of the premises to which the said Jn Tricker was admitted 18.1.1808 on surrender of Sarah Green - and parcel of the lord's waste to which he was admitted on grant 25.4.1810 - viz the five tenements with their appurtenances lying nearest to Colchester

1744 Sarah Bott death of father Joseph

1790 Kath Bridge death of mother Sarah wife of Thos Bridge to a moiety and Sarah Green death of grandmother Sarah Bridge to a moiety

1795 Sarah Green to the other moiety on death of aunt Kath Bridge

1808 Jn Tricker surrender of Sarah Green to the whole

1810 same to grant of waste in front of said tenements in length 157ft and in width 47ft (no quitrent attached to this grant)

1841 death fine on Lydia Porter's parcel £28

121 (121) (121a) Commutation map - cottages and gardens 2r5p (This includes both parcels)

sketch plan

no. 121a (121a) a. - parcel to which Lydia Porter was admitted 1841

121 (121) b. parcel to which Eliz wife of Francis Wright was admitted 1841 - now J.G. Wendon's 1854 - see page 208

I have not been able to trace the title back from Joseph Bott who was admitted in 1727 to Robt Hyx who was in possession at the date of the survey in 1598 Joseph Bott was admitted on the surrender of Caleb and Ann Dawson . Ann Dawson was sister and heir of Wm Raymond son (not son) and heir of Ann Crow wid - to all that etc. in the tenure of Ann Middleton and late the estate of Ann Crow -

survey 1598 fo. 144 Robt Hyx

abstract of title no. 22 (inter alia)