Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000715

Copyhold of Priory - quitrent 17s9d

Rich Horseman Solly 24.3.1830 surrender Ann Brisco to all that croft of land called Mallories with the garden enclosed and a messuage thereon erected

and also two other crofts of land containing 5a

and two other crofts lying between Millses Fen and the Brook containing 5a

and two crofts, whereof the one next Sandhills, and the other was late parcel of Millses Fen

1717 Mary Thompson and Ann each to moiety death of Mary Godwin wife of Jn Thompson

1733 Mary Thompson death of Ann to her moiety

1765 Jn Brazier surrender Mary Thompson to the whole

1799 Jane Brazier for life remainder to Jn Thornback will of husband Jn

1808 Robt Thornback death of father Jn to his reversionary interest

1808 Jos Brisco surrender Robt Thornback to same

1827 Ann Brisco wid will of husband - death of Jane Brazier

1830 purchase fine with other lands of Earls Colne Manor surrendered at same time by Ann Brisco £63

enfranchised 1858

Commutation map 1836 R.H. Solly - parcels of his land

199 (199) Starve Goose 2a38p

200 (200) Four Acres 4a37p

201 (201) Further Waste Piece 1a23p

202 (202) Six Acres 6a23p

203 (203) Barn Pasture 1a2r33p

204 First Waste Piece 1r35p (the division and number of this piece are omitted on the face of the map - but are given in the index. Since 1836 nos. 199 (199) 200 (200) 201 (201) 204 and 205 (205) (205a) are laid in one field H.H.C. 1854 )

205 (205) (205a) Dole Field 5a2r

total 21a1r29p

abstract of title no. 33

Survey 1598 fo. 104 - gives one field called Mallories - but so much alteration has taken place in boundaries etc. that it is difficult to identify the property by the old maps. The whole of this property has for many years gone under the name of Mallories The house was blown down within my memory and has never been rebuilt. Now only a barn and yard