Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000840

Copyhold of Priory - quitrent 6d - tenements etc parcel of Higgens

mr Jn Polley Taylor surrender of rev Mark Gretton Dennis and Emm Dennis 23.5.1826

to all that customary messuage now divided into two tenements with the garden etc. called Higgens

1725 Wm Ellis surrender Gamaliel and Mary Lagden

1759 Robt Partridge and Sarah

1812 Emm Townsend surrender executors of R. Partridge

1826 purchase fine with Boxteds and the orchard as above

enfranchised 1878

Commutation map 1836

no. 81 (81) house garden and premises - 2r15p - Boxsteads

79 (79) orchard - 3r15p - parcel of Higgens

80 (80) cottages and gardens 7p - parcel of Higgens

82 (82) cottages and garden late T. Sewells - 37p

sketch plan

sketch of these contiguous premises taken 1810

no. 81 (81) is now a good family mansion with surgery and extensive outbuildings - and the garden and orchard have been augmented by taking in the gardens at the back of no. 80 (80) - leaving the site of those premises (parcel of Higgens ) - only 7p

79 (79) the orchard parcel of Higgens - the stable marked as a. has been pulled down

80 (80) now in three tenements - parcel of Higgens - the garden behind taken into the adjoining orchard and garden occupied by mr J.P. Taylor

82 (82) title traced overleaf page 178 - The old pound is now down, and a public pump erected by mrs Mary Gee in 1854 on the site

no. 81 (81) - Terrier 1598 - fo. 143 heirs of Jn Barrett

rough abstract of title no. 19

79 (79) and 80 (80) Terrier 1598 - fo. 143 heirs of Jn Barrett

rough abstract of title no. 42

The quitrent on the respective parcels of Higgens was apportioned 3.1.1667 - 1s9d on the orchard and 6d on the tenements and garden

The pale fence erected by the late mr J.P. Taylor between his garden and St Marys Croft on the north side of the brook belongs to these premises - the nail, having by permission, been driven from home - H.H.C. 1854