Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000870

Copyhold of Priory - quitrent 10s

Chas Eglinton Thorn surrender of mortgagees and others of Edm Bunn 22.9.1835 to all those two fields Gurnies Fen and Millfield containing by estimation 10a - and by a recent admeasurement 9a3r - situate in Sible and Castle Hedingham

1750 Wm Ford will of his brother Jn

1778 Edm Bunn surrender Wm Ford

1804 Edm Bunn will of uncle Edm

1835 purchase fine £25

3r9p of this copyhold surrender to the Halstead and Colne Valley Railway co. who enfranchised the same 1862

quitrent apportioned 27.4.1865 - 11d1h, to the railway 6d

There are divers copyholds of the Priory manor lying contiguous in the parishes of Sible and Castle Hedingham and Great Maplestead - which were not entered or mapped in the Terrier of 1598 - They have been so mixed together that I have carefully traced the titles and respective copyhold tenants with apportionment of quitrent from the year 1562 to the present tenants 1854 - This will be found on a separate sheet with a map appended no. 3

The exact site and extent of the tenement called Gurneys I cannot ascertain - whether it be the whole of no. 1167 or parcel of 1168 in the Commutation map of Sible Hedingham? Mr Thorn says it adjoined his residence on the west side and part of it laid into his garden - it must be of some extent the purchase money was £50 and fine £10.10s in 1814

C.E. Thorn purchased Gurneys Fen and Mill Field by auction 27.6.1834

lot 6. Mill Hop Ground part of Gurnies Fen 4a1r16p - sold for £200

lot 7. Mill Field remainder of the said fen adjoining lot 6. - 5a1r24p - sold for £230

This gives the recent admeasurement of 9a3r

rough abstract of title no. 17