Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000965

Free deed of Earldom - rent 8d

rev Robt Watkinson 10.10.1837 - On purchase from the rev Jn Bryan Carwardine with copyhold lands holden of the Priory Manor, called Blowebarnes Ballards etc to which he was admitted at a court of the above date - but the acknowledgement to this free tenure in the manor of the Earldom had escaped notice under the two or three last tenures

Commutation map 61 (61) rev J.B. Carwardine - 1r4p

Terrier 1598 Robt Read claimeth to hold by free deed one messuage with a yard etc. containing 1r27p in his orchard belonging to the said premises - fo. 22

This tenement etc. was known by the name of Malleries from having been in possession of Jn Mallerye in 1562 - and Rich Mallerye who in 1571 alienated it to Robt Read - In mr Rich Harlakenden's rental of 1624 it was in the widow Walker and thus described = " the wid Walker or Waker holds freely her tenement called Malleries late Read's containing 1r and rent of 8d " - The free tenure appears to have been regularly acknowledged down to 1798 when Robt King acknowledged free tenure to a messuage with a malting and yards - and 27p in the orchard containing in the whole 1a33p by the annual rent of 8d. In 1811 when Martha the widow of Robt King was admitted to the copyhold of the Priory Manor, her acknowledgement of this free tenure in the Earldom seems to have been overlooked but the free rent of 8d continues to be paid. In rental of 1751 - called Mallerys in possession of Jn Hudson rent 8d. On acknowledgement of free tenure to his widow Martha Hudson there is a memorandum on the court paper " a messuage with a yard and backside and 1r27p in Robt Read's orchard toft 1a33p free