Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000970

Copyhold of Priory - the rev Robt Watkinson 10.10.1837 surrender of rev Jn Bryan Carwardine
quitrent 13s4d to all those parcels of land and pasture called by the several names of the Barnfields
quitrent 1s4d Tredgolds
quitrent 1s Blowbarns
quitrent 6d Ballards
quitrent 1sand Irons - containing by estimation 14a, with the barn and appurtenances etc.
1737 Jn Hudson surrender Jn and Sarah Tyler
1752 Martha Hudson will of husband Jn
1769 Peter Pain surrender Martha Hudson
1771 Francis Nunn surrender Peter Pain
1794 Rich Nunn will of father Francis
1798 Robt King surrender Rich Nunn
1811 Martha King surrender of husband's executors
1825 rev J.B. Carwardine surrender executors of Martha King
1837 purchase fine £52.10s
Commutation map 1836 rev J.B. Carwardine
no. 59 (59) (59a) Garden Field 3r4p
460 (460) Meeting Lane Field 3a8p
461 (461) Barn Field 4a9r
462 (462) The Croft 1a1r2p
481 (481) The Lower Field 3a
482 (482) Middle Barn Field 1a3r4p
total 13a3r27p
Terrier 1598 - fo. 122 Robt Reade - one croft called Irons 4a37p
fo. 135 - the same - three crofts together - 8a3r24p (names not given in the Terrier)
This does not include the small field at the back of the house (which I believe to be Ballards ) abutting at the west head of the Quaker's meeting ground, no. 59 (59) (59a) called Garden Field in Commutation map - 3r4p
total 13a3r25p
Rough abstract of title no. 24
Rental 1751 Martha Hudson - In some rentals the fields in front of the barn are called Symonds - probably from occupier - see map no. 6