Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80001030

Free deed of Earldom - rent 1s6d - house and butcher's shop etc. south side of Church Street

Thos Wing 22.9.1829 - acknowledged free tenure as heir to his brother Jas Wing - held by the yearly rent of 1s6d a messuage and shop situate on the south side of Colne Street and then in the occupation of Thos Fairhead

These premises sold by auction 12.1854 - lot 9 described as house with butcher's shop with yard and various outbuildings etc. free rent 1s6d - purchased by Geo Fairhead who acknowledged his free tenure at a court holden 18.4.1855 - I do not find these premises in the rental of 1751 - they were purchased by Jas Wing of Isaac Steadman who acknowledged the tenure and paid a relief of 1s6d - 29.6.1825

Commutation map no. 19 (19) Thos Wing house and premises - 17p

sketch plan

Terrier 1598 fo. 23

1797 Rich Browning paid this free rent

1815 Jeremiah Norton late R. Browning

1825 Isaac Steadman late J. Norton

1830 Thos Wing late Isaac Steadman

1854 Geo Fairhead by purchase