Quarter Sessions Rolls (ERO Q/SR126/48-50)

30.9.1593 (Sunday 30 September 1593)

document 20300823

Robt Knight of Earls Colne ironmonger and Jas Pennocke of the same (Earls Colne) tailor for Jn Knight the elder of the same yeoman and Kath his wife to keep peace towards Wm Smithe of the same tailor and of Amos Manchet of Colne Engaine yeoman and Hen Bridge of White Colne yeoman for Jn Sillito of Earls Colne aforesaid butcher to keep peace likewise and of Thos Pollie the elder butcher and Wm Bridge yeoman both of the same for the said Wm Smithe to keep the peace towards the said Robt Knight taken before Roger Harlakinden esq