King's Bench Ancient Indictments (PRO KB9/817 pt 3)

19.2.11Chas1 (Friday 19 February 1636)

document 13800135

Essex inquisition indented taken at Earls Colne in the county aforesaid 19.2.11Chas1 before Thos Freshwater gentleman now one of the coroners of the lord king for the county aforesaid upon the view of the body of a certain Jn Church junior now and since dead upon the oath of Edw Cressener Sam Burton Rich Kempe Barnard Feverell senior Jn Brownsart Jn Morris Edw Haxall Wm Swanne Edw Evans Peter Banber Jeff Riarnold Wm Fuller and Jn Potter law men of the county aforesaid jurors who are charged to enquire when of what nature and how the aforesaid Jn Church came by his death they say upon their oath that the aforesaid Jn Church came behind quendam# horse then and there being which horse aforesaid suddenly trampled him the said Jn then and there and upon the foresaid part of the forehead of Jn himself gave one mortal blow from which mortal blow the same Jn Church then and there instantly died and so the aforesaid Jn Church by misadventure came by his death and not otherwise and the aforesaid jury further say upon their oath aforesaid that the horse aforesaid was the cause of the death of the aforesaid Jn Church and is worth 20s and it remained in the keeping of a certain Jn Jacob of London kt in witness coroner with jury aforesaid to this inquisition do append their seals the day and year in the first place above said by misadventure examined by the aforesaid Thos Freshwater coroner