King's Bench Ancient Indictments (PRO KB9/819 pt 2)

12.9.15Chas1 (Thursday 12 September 1639)

document 13800188

inquisition indented at Earls Colne in the county aforesaid 12.9.15Chas1 before Thos Man gentleman one of the coroners of the lord king for the county aforesaid upon the view of the body of one Abigail Abbott now and since lying dead Jn Harrington Hen Innowe Jn Reade Jn Brewer Jas Markeham Robt Finch Thos Ruggles Ambr Waller Jn Hatch Sam Edwards Jn Miller Robt Carter and Peter King approved and lawful men of the county aforesaid who swore and were charged to enquire when of what nature and how the aforesaid Abigail Abbott came by her death they then said upon oath that the aforesaid Abigail Abbott 11.9.15Chas1 at Earls Colne aforesaid in the county aforesaid by reason of misadventure was killed in a certain amount of water filled in what is called in english a keller and with the water same being now and since submersed thus the aforesaid jury upon their oath aforesaid said that the aforesaid Abigail Abbott came by her death and no other way to the knowledge of the aforesaid jury in witness whereof the aforesaid coroner with the aforesaid jury to this inquisition do append their seals the day and year abovesaid misadventure