Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21)

22.5.3Jas1 (Wednesday 22 May 1605)

document 33100801

whereas at a view with court here held 19.9.1604 Jn Peirson in the face of the court and the court sitting made an attack upon Robt Reade a juryman from the homage and because of the said attack upon the aforesaid Robt he was in contempt of court therefore the aforesaid Jn Peirson was amerced 5li as by the said roll it is clearly shown and appears now to this court came the aforesaid Jn Peirson and humbly acknowledged his fault and offered 10s2d of the whole fine therefore the lord through his grace pardoned the whole of the said sum except for the said 10s2d illegible text therefore the aforesaid Jn Peirson paid to the lord for his fault a proportion in the manner and form aforesaid and the lord accepted the said sum of 10s2d in full satisfaction for the above