Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr22)

24.7.1634 (Thursday 24 July 1634)

document 34201465

at this court Steph Nettles clerk Jn Hawksby clerk Edm Brewer clerk Math Sympson clerk Wm Stephens gentleman Wm Hutt gentleman Jn Lucas gentleman Hen Abbott senior Thos Kinge Jn Machin Thos Prior senior Rich Kempe Thos Hales Robt Hutton Wm Brewer Barth Hayward Mary Upcher widow Jn Middleton senior Clem Turnor guardian of Jn Prentice Roger Brownson Jn Browne Hen Cony Giles Crowe Ann Leonard widow Robt Carter and Roger Bewers tenants of this manor and suitors of this court made their separate suits and were released from the homage by the grace of the court