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Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr77)

18.2.1606 (Tuesday 18 February 1606)

document 37301208

item they say that Wm Stephens gentleman 6d Jeff Litle 6d Hen Drurie 4d Wm Marshall gentleman 6d Ralph Sydaie 6d Thos Wade 4d Jn Peerson 4d Jn Gremarde 4d Agnes Manning 4d widow Agnes Wiffen widow 4d Esdras Wade 4d Barth March 4d Agnes Gerrarde widow 4d Steph Ball in right of his wife 4d Jeremiah Morgan 4d Hen Bridge 4d Jn Cockerell 4d Peter Gilott 4d Clem Conney Francis Hall 4d Margt Hall 3d Edw Mapas 4d Robt Michell 4d Edw Wade 4d Jn Kinge 4d Jn Prentise 4d Edw Potter 4d Robt Knight 4d Thos Man 4d Thos Collen 4d Thos Game 4d Barth Game 4d Rich Game 4d Roger Browneson 4d Jn Potter in right of his wife 4d Mary Prior 4d Francis Burton 2d Hen Morley 2d Robt Strutt 2d Wm Smith 3d Hen Wright 2d Wm Taylor 2d Robt Rookes 2d Geo Bryan 2d Jn Hall 2d Alban Sillitoe 2d Jn Sillito 2d Rich Fearn 2d Jn Hare Sam Tyler 2d tenants and residents of this manor who owe suit at this court and this day solemnly required did not appear but made default therefore each of them in mercy as is shown above their heads