Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr77)

3.4.1616 (Wednesday 3 April 1616)

document 37800518

Geof Little gentleman 6d Hen Drurie gentleman 6d Wm Aylett 6d Agnes Wiffin widow 2d Agnes Birde widow 2d Hen Bridge (fine illegible) Geo Cockerell 3d Fulc Cartmell in right of his wife 3d Nath Kinge 3d Thos Man 2d Margt Greene widow 2d Kath Greene widow (fine illegible) Thos Fyshe in right of his wife 2d Thos Man in right of his wife 2d Jn Potter in right of his wife 2d Benedict Scott 2d Francis Wright 2d Jn Bu# (fine illegible) Jn Smythe 2d Clem Turnor 2d Thos Sillito junior 2d Edw Newton 2d and Thos Sillito senior 2d are suitors at this court and this day made default therefore each of them in mercy as is shown above their head