Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr82)

23.4.1705 (Monday 23 April 1705)

document 40700893

at court held 2.4.1669 Edw Potter was admitted to him and heirs to one messuage with appurtenances then called by name of Skinners and now called Le Kinghead and one croft of land with house built on it one barn called Burtons Barn or Burtons Garden with right of entry and exit by a gate of the said house viz from highway leading to Colchester from that said barn and across and through the croft land called Bearecroft for carrying and recarrying both through said gate and from said croft and also to tenement called Gentryes and three crofts of land containing 12a more or less called Broom Crofts and also to one croft land containing 11a with one road leading to the said croft for hunting and chasing and to one meadow late parcel of Bearecroft containing 3a more or less lying in Earls Colne and at said court Edw Potter was admitted to him and heirs to one parcel land called Burroughs containing 4a more or less lying next 3r called Nokes and Burroughs and also to one croft land called Little Burroughs and also said Edw Potter was admitted to him and heirs to one messuage late built on parcel of waste of this manor containing 14p lying above Hall Greene sometime in occupation of Jn Pilgrim one head abutting onto highway to south other head abutting onto cemetery of Earls Colne to north and at court held 16.10.1673 said Edw Potter was admitted to him and heirs to one tenement called Mordens also Crosse End with yards gardens and orchards and le pump as well as le backhouse kilne and kilne house parcel of Joldens except all rights and privileges previously surrendered to use of Barth Clarke and at that court said Edw Potter was admitted to him and heirs to 3r mead more or less with appurtenances in a certain meadow called Noakes and Burroughs now it appears etc said Edw Potter late died seised and that he himself on 8.4.1704 surrendered by rod into lords hand by hand Thos Little gentleman in place of the bailiff in presence of Geo Toller gentleman and Gilb Smith gentleman two customary tenants etc all his customary lands tenements and hereditaments held of this manor to use and intent as are declared in his last will in writing then came here into court Edw Potter and Geo Potter sons of said Edw Potter and produce here in court last will of Edw dated said 8.4.1704 the tenor of the said will in these following english words item I give and bequeath unto my two sons Edw Potter and Geo Potter and their heirs forever all my copyhold and freehold messuages lands and tenements whatsoever held of the several manors of Earls Colne and Colne Pryory and are situate lying and being in Earls Colne in the said county of Essex upon this condition that they the said Edw Potter and Geo Potter shall forthwith or as soon as conveniently they can sell and dispose of all or such part thereof as they shall think fit and the money arising from the sale thereof to be disposed of to pay and satisfy mr Edw Abbutt all such monies as are due to him upon mortgage or otherwise and to the uses in the said will limited and expressed as by said will appears Edw Potter and Geo Potter humbly petition of the lords to be admitted to the premises the lords by steward granted seisin by the rod to have and to hold all and singular said premises to Edw Potter and Geo Potter their heirs and assigns for selling and disposing according to the limitations and apportionments and said limitations and specifications etc