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Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr66)

28.5.1409 (Tuesday 28 May 1409)

document 54700141

the chief pledge Thos Hunte Roger Mordon Robt Taylor Jn Pake Jn Parle Thos Prodman Firmyn Tyler Wm Attewood Ralph Preston Robt Segge Jn Wright of Colford Hill Rich Cope Wm Atte Frethe Hen Payne Jn Segge Jn Atte Parke Jn Passemer Robt Mathew Jn Wright of Park Thos Kelet Jn Lavenham Jn Clerke of The Hethe Jn Soneld Jn Lytman