Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr66)

28.5.1410 (Wednesday 28 May 1410)

document 54801071

upon enquiry made for the discharge of debt namely by virtue of a warrant to this court came Jn Parle and petitioned on behalf of himself and his heirs to be discharged of 12d rent per annum and suit of court unjustly levied from the same said Jn for four years by Thos Bovyle bailiff of this manor as he says by virtue of confirmation of the same arranged in a document from Hugh de Veer late Earl of Oxford on behalf of Jn de Veer afterwards Earl of Oxford to the predecessors of the aforesaid Jn Parle and contained in these words to all who should see these writings or hear Jn de Veer Earl of Oxford gives greetings in the lord within the bounds of a charter of Hugh de Veer our ancestor sometime Earl of Oxford in these words know for the present and future that I Hugh de Veer Earl of Oxford gave granted and by this my present document confirm to Martin son of Wm for his homage and service the entire tenement that was Ralph de Brandwit's in the village of Colne with all buildings and all other its appurtenances to have and to hold from me and my heirs to him and his heirs in fee and good inheritance and in peace liberty and quiet and in entirity forever for payment thereof per annum to me and my heirs 5s at four annual terms namely at easter 15d at the feast of st john baptist 15d at the feast of michaelmas 15d and at the feast of st andrew 15d for all services and customs and charges saving the service to the lord king namely at 20s1d scutage and at an approximate rate the aforesaid Martin gave to me seven fatted beasts as a premium before the grants and concessions and presents confirmed in my charter and I Hugh de Veer Earl of Oxford and my heirs warrant to the aforesaid Martin and his heirs all the aforesaid tenement with all its appurtenances against all heirs and against all females with these testaments si r Hubert de Rivers at this time steward of the Earl sir Phil de Cantell and sir Wm de Muntekanesi sir Rich Cabunel Wm de Feringh Wm son of Peter de Colne Peter his son Wm Gornour Rich son of Robt de Frythe Robt de Bures Walt his brother Sehrus# son of Rich de Colne and for the better safeguarding of these things by us the said Jn de Veer Earl of Oxford the aforesaid charter of the said Hugh our predecessor is ratified and confirmed by these presents in which matter witnessing of these written presents we affix our seals with these witnesses of sir Jn de Suttone Baldwin Buttort Wm Jormys knight Jn de Benyngton Robt Barbor Rich Boteller Robt Wynter of Colne and others dated at illegible text on wednesday next after the nativity of st john baptist 28Edw3 and upon this in the same said court by virtue of letters of warranty of the lady Matilda de Veer countess of Oxford Jn Byerden steward of the lady directed and affixed to the roll the aforesaid confirmation declared and examined in full and open court and by the whole inquisition therefore the aforesaid Jn Parle was proved to be excused by the steward of the said 12d per annum and suit of court by virtue of the aforesaid examination taken by the aforesaid warrant