Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr68)

11.10.1430 (Wednesday 11 October 1430)

document 56602393

Earls Colne inquisition inquisition Jn Turnor Jn Bovile chaplain heriot whereas at a court here held on the wednesday next after the feast of the conception of the blessed mary 9.12.6Edw3 Joan daughter of Olive de Berewyk brought on the day of this court to show by what right the said Olive de Berewyk had the 7a of land called Hethlond and to show that the special provisions made were void and it is said that a certain Rich Strut father of the aforesaid Joan his heir was seised of the aforesaid tenement to himself and his heirs to hold according to the customs etc and it is said that the aforesaid Rich died seised thereof after whose death a certain Rich de Claketon dispossessed Olive de Berewyk who sometime was wife of the aforesaid Rich Strut to whom Robt son of Hugh the now earl granted the aforesaid tenement etc to the aforesaid Rich de Claketon and Olive to hold for the lifetime of the same after whose death the aforesaid tenement ought to revert to the aforesaid Joan daughter and heir of the aforesaid Rich Strut item inquisition(inserted) Wm Brunyng was distrained for default of suit of court to come and to show the deed of the said Hugh now earl of Oxford made to a certain Andrew son of Alex concerning 2a of land held to himself and his heirs by the services of 2s annual rent for all services and demands and it is said that concerning the aforesaid suit he ought to be excused etc item it was granted Jn Turnor (inserted) to Robt Atte Brook and Rose his wife to have and to hold to themselves and their heirs one plot which contains in length 30ft between a tenement of Peter Smyth and Jn Sonyngwell and in breadth to one head 2ft and to the other head 6in by the service of 1f annual rent item Roger de Burgh Thos Bovyll chaplain(inserted) who held one messuage and 12a of molland# after his death one horse valued at 18d for which tenement after the death of the aforesaid Roger etc