Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr71)

18.5.1529 (Tuesday 18 May 1529)

document 62300167

it is found by the homage that Geo Bieston out of the court and since the last court by the hands of Jn Wood the bailiff in the presence of Jn Carter and Jn Pennock the lord's tenants surrendered into the lord's hands remised released and always from him and his heirs forever quitclaimed to Agnes Bieston widow and her heirs in their full and peaceable possession being all the right title claim interest and demand whichever he had hath or by any means hereafter may have of and in one house called the Stable with the Cowhouse and one tenement with a garden adjoining parcel of the tenement sometime Roger Mathewes (Robt Mathewes ) and after Thos Princes as the foresaid Stable with the Cowhouse with the garden adjoining are set and lying between a tenement late Jn Bonjon's alias Jn Turnor's and the tenement of Robt Litman's of the one part and a parcel of land sometime parcel of Beercrofte of the other part with a way late parcel of the Beercrofte leading to the said Beerecrofte with free ingress and egress to carry and drive etc and also one way leading to the field aforesaid to drive and chase and into the said croft called Beerecroft and in three crofts of land called Bromecrofts lying in Colne aforesaid and of and in one meadow late parcel of the said croft called Berecrofte containing by estimation 3a of land as by the metes and bounds etc viz so that neither the foresaid Geo nor his heirs nor any other for them or in their name might or might hereafter claim or challenge any right title claim interest or demand of and in the premises or in any parcel thereof hereafter but are clean barred from all action of right forever by these presents