Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr74)

5.11.1563 (Friday 5 November 1563)

document 65400988

now of the court to this court came Robt Peerson Jn Litle Jn Pennocke Wm Finche Wm Smythe Jn Leffingwell Jn Orvis clerk Jn Culverton Adam Polly Jas Hale Jn Sparrowe senior Jn Barret Greg Garrard Thos Cawche Jn Ward Hen Prentice Jn Cole gentleman Rich Ennowes Jn Brewer Nich Parker Wm Wade senior Wm Catte Robt Stooks Wm Greene Wm Wade junior Rich Rolte Geo Hall Thos Marche Thos Leffingwell Thos Allen Jn Parker Jn Sparrowe junior Thos Spycer clerk Margt Game widow Agnes Bieston widow and Joan Spycer widow and made attournment and became tenants to the foresaid Robt lord Dudley and lord of this manor for the time being by the payment of 1d by every of them in the court being into the hands of the steward instead of the lord delivered in the name of a seisin and possession of their rents and services due and of an ancient time of right accustomed to the lord of the manor aforesaid and hereupon every of them made fealty to the foresaid Robt lord Dudley lord of this manor for the time being